Futurama Quilt--Finished

Sorry for the delay in posting; I have gotten super sick TWICE since the new year. I actually had to take a sick day, and that was the first sick day I've taken in four years since I got the job.

However, I have health and time to post, so I thought I would skip right to pictures of the finished quilt.

There are some minor errors, but overall, I'm pleased with how the second one turned out. Since I had a good chunk left of the red fabric (and am trying to prevent a fabric stash accumulation in the apartment), I decided to make a drawstring bag for the quilt. I serged 99% of the bag together. For the top part of the bag, I used a flatlock stitch with my serger--this is the first special stitch. I practiced several times on scrap fabric--I was really nervous.

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