Cartoon Apron

Between my friends and family, I have an endless supply of possible video game and cartoon projects to make. For my sister's birthday, I looked at her Pinterest board and saw that she had pinned this Apron that represents Link in the Windwaker Zelda series. The link takes you to an Etsy seller page, and Darkballoons has a TON of awesome aprons, that are honestly reasonably priced for the work that goes into them. However, since I can sew, I figured I would spend the time making one instead. I purchased 2 yards of green cotton, 1/4 yard brown cotton, green thread (which I didn't need as I already had it in my stash) and yellow felt. I ended up spending under $9 at Joann, but this project took me around 5 hours.

I probably could have made the apron shorter, and I guessed about the back since there were no pictures, but overall, it's pretty awesome.

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