Chicken Apple Sausage

Last year, when we bought our house, I was sure that I'd be doing EVERYTHING and buying as little as possible. What's the point of having a house if the entire thing isn't DIY-ed? My Pinterest board become a homesteading paradise, and I bought quite a few things that I was sure I'd immediately use.

And then, reality set in. I was working full-time, and I was in the last stages of my master's degree. Our house, which was a foreclosure, was (and still is) requiring a lot more of the "unseen" fixes--things that are crucial to the house, but things that are not fun to show off to friends and family when they visit (seriously, who cares that we now have 2 working sump pumps in our basement? People want to see fresh coats of paint, new furniture, etc.).

However, this April I presented my master's research and completed said degree. While there are still issues with the house that are preventing us from beautifying the house, we are able to slowly interject these with the boring projects.

One of those early purchases was sausage casing. Now, after at least a full year, I was able to carve out some time to justify something as silly as making sausage from scratch.

I followed this recipe, except that I use my fancy Kitchen Aid meat grinding attachment (another early purchase that has yet to be used) instead of a food processor. Although I have no plans to eat these today, I am just grateful for the opportunity to make them.

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